The ultrathin spirit is consistent with the replica PIAGET Altiplano Automatic 43mm

2017 is the 60th anniversary of the launch of the Altiplano ultrathin wristwatch by replica piaget. In addition to the multi-color Altiplano table, the size is also extended to 43mm, and the Altiplano automatic replica watch is limited to 360.

supply fake piaget was introduced in 1957 with a 9P chip with a thickness of 2.0mm, and the ultrathin form introduced in the same year became the ancestor of the plateau series. After just three years, with the thickness of only 2. 3 mm 12 p automatic chain machine core, and become in 1960, one of the most famous in the 1970 s ultra-thin automatic machine core, also lay the supply fake piaget's leadership in the ultra-thin watch.

Thin crust design: as the carrying 1200 p machine core thickness only referred to in paragraph (table 2. 35 mm, so the thickness of the crust is only 5.64 mm table ring and middle crust of double layer design, and the screw locking, has a certain degree of durability and waterproof.

replica Piaget

In sixty years later, best choice imitations piaget also in Geneva SIHH table show in January, launch two limited Altiplano 38 mm 43 mm up with Altiplano automatic watches, and take the thickness is only 2.1 mm 430 p hand chain movement, as well as the thickness of 2.35 mm 1200 p automatic machine, special salute to all the 9 and 12 p p movement. Including automatic wrist plate the surface of this paragraph, are particularly present when the ultra-thin watch face plate used by the writing style, face plate of the central white cross line, is also derived from the former face plate design.

Compared with the surface size used in the past plateau series, the 43-mm diameter used in the fake watches should be the largest in recent years. In addition, the face plate used by many cheap piaget blue attune, is between the cobalt blue and midnight blue deep tonal, the face plate of slightly different with the common blue, sun radial decorative and collocation, is also the past the plateau series never use a design.

22K gold material automatic plate: 1200P adopts micro-automatic disk, with a one-way automatic upper chain system, automatic disk is made of 22K gold, the center is ceramic ball bearing; In the lower part of the automatic disc, there are four rubies to prevent the surface of the automatic disc grinding splint.

And watches can carry within 1200 p automatic movement, launched in 2010 by Fine knockoff piaget is ultra-thin automatic machine core, with the former 12 p movement is also the micro automatic plate design, the thickness of 2.35 mm, became the most frivolous automatic machine core, the altar table at that time the record has maintained for seven years.

1200P machine core continues 12P micro automatic plate design, one of the main intentions is to reduce the core thickness. Because of the machine core designed by the central automatic disk, the space between the automatic disc and the splint must be retained, and the chain wheel is automatically attached to the upper and lower sides of the frame. If in order to compress the thickness of the movement, it will cause parts is too thin and, in turn, affects durability so the advantage of micro automatic plate movement, is that the gear train and walking can effectively differentiate chain wheel is arranged on position automatically.

1200P automatic machine core: this machine core continues 12P micro automatic dish design, one of the main intention is to reduce the core thickness.

In the past, there have been many miniature automatic disk cores, but the chain efficiency is not good. Therefore, piaget replica attaches special importance to the automatic upper chain efficiency of 1200 core. At the beginning of the design, the small size machine core design used in the past is abandoned and the size of the machine core is 29.9 mm in diameter. In this way, can increase the diameter of the micro automatic plate, spin torque increase, but also USES the 22 k gold to make the automatic plate material, collocation of ceramic ball bearings, chain efficiency on flow.

Technical data

model: G0A42105

diameter 43mm 18K platinum case

time indication

1200P automatic machine core, storage for 44 hours

sapphire crystal mirror, transparent bottom cover

waterproof 30 meters

We can only say: consumers' eyes are bright, and when you sell or buy, replica watches is one of your choices.

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