JW Marriott Resort

74855 Country Club Dr, Palm Desert, CA 92260

                    Named after the chain's founder, JW Marriott properties are their flagship properties.
             And the JW Marriott Palm Desert Resort & Spa is one of the most beautiful!
             Stay there and Enjoy the Convenience of Being in Same Hotel as the Conference!
                        Staying in the headquarters hotel makes it easier to stay connected with other attendees, the show,
                        and all sessions and events that will take place under one roof! It also help Support TIA because we
                        are Penalized if  rooms go un-sold in our Contracted Room Block 

        AND NOW - TIA negotiated a Special Discount Rates that makes it very affordable!
Normally over $300 a night, special TIA rate Only $159  a night!
                          Rates Valid For Nights of May 29th - June 3rd 

                   Reserve NOW - Click HERE 

                         Or by Phone, call 1-877-622-3140 and ask for TIA Group Rate
                                                   Reservation Deadline is May 7th 2018


          If you are contacted by any company telling you they are the "official"
          housing service for our convention, please do NOT do business with them. 
          We do not use any housing services for the conference. The only way
          to book in our block is through the link and phone number above
          (using the group code).
  If you've booked through such a service already,
          call them and cancel it, then re-book as per above







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