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Sanitation: Microbiological Contamination & Traceability Jorge Hernandez, VP of Quality Assurance at Wendy's
Material Risk Assessment, prevention & detection Cory Jernigan & Kyle McLachlan, Tyson Foods (by Grant Ralston)
Extending Tortilla Belt Longevity & Performance - Metal Belts (30 min) Kyle Boucher - Wirebelt
Extending Tortilla Belt Longevity & Performance - Composite Belts (30 min) Ismael Solomon, Advanced Flexible Composites AFC
Innovation strategy: robust baseline (current products) plus new food targets Helbert Almeida-Dominguez, Bunge Corp. 
Staling in Flour & Corn Tortillas with Hydrocolloids, Enzymes & Emulsifiers (coming soon)
Shima Agah  - Allied Blending
"Ask The Experts" interactive session - PANEL (30 min) Steve Bright (La Chiquita), Bill Zimmerman (AB Mauri), Anita Srivastava (Kemin)
Labor Savings through Increased Automation
Emily Napolitano - Food Plant Engineering
Plant Safety & Avoiding Disaster Earl Johnson, Tyson Foods (by Grant Ralston, Tyson Food)
Alternate Proteins Tie-Ins for Tortillas  Mike Zora, VP for Plant Based Proteins ADM
Latino Markets Update - 1 Lily Rocha, SABOR LATINO
Latino Markets Update - 2 Dan Calhoun, Abasto Magazine
Operations Efficiency - Solutions That Drive Cash to Your Bottom Line Daniel Campos, London Consulting
Enhancing attributes of Tortillas with ancient grains and plant based ingredients Nick Ahrens, Bay State Milling
Immune System Boosting Ingredients Anita Srivastava, Kemin



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