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Virtual Europe Videos 2020



  Thursday 19 November SPEAKER & COMPANY
1 Natural shelf life extension of tortillas & Natural antioxidants George Polychronopoulos, Polypan Group SA
2 Bakery Market Trends Julian Mellentin - New Nutrition Business
3 Improving tortillas according to your needs with enzymes Paulien Seltenpool from DSM 
4 Gum & Stabilisers applications in Tortillas Linda Bellekom-Allen - Cybercolloids
5 Predicting tortilla quality from dough Dr.  Cristina Rossell – CSIC 
6 Solving the challenges of working with specialty tortilla formulations like clean label, organic, gluten free and pulse flour tortillas. Bill Zimmerman, AB Mauri
7 Innovations in Fats & Oils Chris Van Rooijen & Kristy Arendse, BUNGE
8 Maximizing Longevity of Tortilla Belts Paul Moore & Clive Langhorn - Taconic
9 Flour property considerations between EU & USA producing tortillas Raul Vega - Tortillas La Carreta, Mexico
10 "Ask The Experts" panel Bright, Rosell, Vega

  Friday 20 November SPEAKER & COMPANY
11 Day 1 Wrap up & Questions Mercè Piñol
12 Plant based proteins for Tortilla innovation Guy Manor, Innovopro
13 European Market Update Presentation Nemanja Cobanov, Tortilla Mexicana
14 Maximizing Shelf Life in Gluten-Free Tortillas Nic Franciosi and Emmeline Commun, DUPONT
15 Labour savings through increased automation Emily Napolitan







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