< TIA Tech IBIE Registration

To Register for TIA Tech, click HERE and enter IBIE's Registration Portal.

This requires multiple steps, here are your instructions.

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 1.   Fill out the “Profile” section then click on the green box “Next – Registration”

2.    On the next screen, all Tortilla Producers would select RB (Retail Baker) or WB (Wholesale Baker) as your category. Suppliers would select AL (non-exhibiting supplier)  then the green box at the bottom (Next – IBIE 2022 Registration Consent)

3.    Click on the “I Agree” button at bottom of page then the green box (Show Questions)

4.    There are 7 questions on that nect page, please select your answers (can be ore than one in some cases) making sure you click on “Tortilla” in the 3rd and 5th questions. Then the green box at the bottom of the page (Next – Guests)

5.    You can add guests on this page if you want to register anyone else coming with you, or skip that by going straight to the green box at the bottom

6.    Finally on the next page “IBIEDUCATE PASSES” scroll down to 3rd item “Tortilla Industry Association - TIA Tech” select it by clicking on “Add”  the click on the next green box, at bottom of this page (Next – Hands On Workshops)

7.  YYou can skip all these, they are optional, and just scroll down to bottom of the page to the green box (Next – OnMed) and click on it

8.    That lands you on another optional page, for on-site urgent care, you can select or not select as you wish, then click on the next green box at bottom of this page (Next – Review and Check Out)

9.    Now you will see your total and be able to check-out or add more people. There is a green box at the bottom (Pay Now)

10.  This is the final screen.. you put in your card information and click on “Submit”

11.  Thanks for your patience and we look forward to seeing you there!

You will be sent a registration confirmation that you will use to pick-up your badge at the West Hall IBIE Registration area. Please NOTE that badges will NOT be mailed nor be available at the TIA check-in table this year, ONLY at the West Hall IBIE Registration area.

Any questions about the registration process this year? Contact [email protected] and they will be able to walk you through it.





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