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                       Monday, May 1st                                                                

Topic: Speaker:

Troubleshooting & Correcting Tortilla Problems  Dr Kirk O'Donnell

Navigating Commodity Price Uncertainties Ted Nelson, Stone-X International

Confronting Supply Chain Challenges Crystal Skipworth, Forefront Packaging

Update to Government Rules on "Healthy" Nutrition Claims Dr Sarah Gebauer, US FDA  (Remote)

Automating Post Packaging for Labor Optimization Bill Zimmerman, AMF

Getting The Most Out of BatchPaks: Consistency & Savings

Shima Agah & Alvaro Bolanos - Allied Blending


                                                        Tuesday, May 2nd 

Topic: Speaker:

How New Varieties of Gut-Healthy Wheat Transform Tortillas Carter Wands, Bay State Milling (change) 

The Role & Uses of Enzymes in Tortilla Production Sophia Leung, Enzyme Innovations

Adjusting to Industry Challenges Art Posch, Kemin

Clean Label Mold Inhibition Methods Oscar Carreon, AB Mauri

Negotiating Successful Co-Manufactiring Arrangements (both sides) Joe Riley, SnackCraft 

Emulsifiers As Anti-Stick Technology in Tortilla Applications Anita Srivastava, Anya Baking Labs 

How to Access IRI  Market Data as a TIA  Benefit  James Carlson, IRI (Remote)

Flexible Oil Options & Functionality for Tortillas & Chips Duncan Guy, Bunge


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