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Jim Kabbani

Jimís career has focused on building and managing successful organizations that become market leaders. His area of expertise is revenue generation, customer acquisition, and strategic partnerships in rapidly changing and highly competitive industries. He is experienced in several key markets Ė Corporate, Non-Profits, Government, Education, and International. His combination of experience in entrepreneurial start-ups as well as in major global corporations enables him to bring a unique combination of skills and experience to the service of any organization. Jim grew up in Embassies around the world. (His father was a much admired Ambassador.) Capitalizing on the opportunities which that upbringing provided, he became fluent in 4 languages and gained a multi-cultural flexibility. He is a resident of the Washington DC area and holds a BS degree from the American University in Washington, DC with a double-major in Computer Science and Business Administration. He is the father of two beautiful girls with whom he shares his enjoyment of travel, aquatic sports, family activities, and tortillas. He is fluent in 4 languages (English, Spanish, French and Arabic).

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