2013 Tech Conference

"Increasing Yields & Improving Quality"

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Things change fast in today’s business climate – Government regulations, Competition,
Formulation, Tools & Equipment, even your staff. To stay on top and get ahead,
TIA provides you with the latest information every year on the key topics you need
to not just survive but to thrive and prosper.


In addition to our Annual Convention whose educational sessions are more focused
on business topics, the TIA Tech Seminar focuses more on the operational aspects of
running your factory profitably and efficiently as well as on the safety and regulatory
issues. You also meet others in your industry and learn from each other’s experiences
through networking.

How Would You Answer These Questions… ?   Come to TIA Tech and Find Out! 

► What is McDonald's Strategy for Tortillas and Wraps?  
► Where are Wheat, Corn, and Oil Prices Going and How Do You Hedge?
► What Are The Best Strategies for Using Ingredients like Gums, Salt, Fumaric?
► What Advice Would Experts Give You For Your Own Questions & Actual Problems?
► How Do You Manage Shortening & Oils to Increase Yield?
► What Equipment Modifications Improve Quality and Decrease Waste?
► Which Corn Hybrids Produce Greater Yield?
► How Do You Reduce Stickiness of Tortillas Packaged at Elevated Temperatures?
► How Do You Monitor Hydration & Gluten Development In Flour Tortilla Dough?
► Can You Use Scale Weight Reduction To Reduce Costs And Still Increase Health Benefits?

2013 Tech Seminar Agenda: For a Detailed, Printable Agenda click HERE


Sponsoring  at the TIA Tech Conference 2013 gives your organization exposure and
access to the tortilla industry producers and suppliers likely to purchase your products
and services. Use this opportunity to make your name more known and increase sales!  






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