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Opening Session: Program Overview & Tortilla Market Overview - Jim Kabbani TIA
Properties of different flour types and their impact on tortilla characterstics - Mireilla Rivas, MINSA
Defensible Health Claims using Fiber and Low-Carb and other applications - Miquel Rovira, JRS
In what situations should Batch Packs be considered - Dave Waters, SOLVAIRA
Enzyme technology in relation to tortillas and their final product characteristics - Cristina Primo Martin, AB Mauri
European Regulations That Affect Tortilla Products - Jose Maria Ferrer Villa, AINIA Research
Identifying & Controlling Hidden Costs in Tortilla Production - Dave Rodriguez, LAWRENCE Equipment
Complying with European Union Clean Label Rules using Natural Ingredients - Ernst Benier, BREATEC
Troubleshooting & Correcting Tortilla Problems - Steve Bright, MESA Foods
Capitalizing on Gluten Free Opportunities - Paul Hart, Elm Lea Partners LTD
Optimizing Formulations that use Microencapsulates - Merce Pinol Del Olmo, BALCHEM
Processing Equipment Strategies - Clay Lawrence, LAWRENCE Equipment
Function & Properties of Tortilla ingredients - Steve Bright, MESA Foods
Formulating for Future Tortilla Market Needs (e.g. palm-free, non-hydro, etc) - Gabor Nagy
Closing Presentation - Role of TIA - Jim Kabbani, TIA


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